All or Nothing

Your customers want and need options.  There’s no reason you have to be ONLY a BHPH car dealer.  Why not add Used Car Leasing and Rentals too?! 


Used Car Leasing is a close cousin to BHPH

  • Leasing’s target market is the Sub-Prime customer base.  
  • Leasing’s customers make weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payments to the dealership.
  • Collections are an important piece of leasing 

Lease’T’Own® also offers specific protection and profit advantages that you don’t get with BHPH.  

  • As titled owner, you have leverage over late payments
  • Protection from customer bankruptcies
  • Elimination of costly & time consuming repossessions
  • Tax benefits
  • Flexibility for your customers


Daily Rentals are a natural fit within any car dealership! 

  • Renters often become buyers
  • Rentals are a profitable way to move idle inventory
  • Rentals are an added profit stream within your dealership
  • There’s little to no added overhead cost 
  • With Northland’s rental program, there are NO FRANCHISE FEES! 

Consider these additions to your business model so you have options for your customers!