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Our Company—Over 30 years of Success and Leadership

Northland Auto Solutions is proud to be your preferred dealership solutions and insurance services provider. Founded in 1990 by Executive Director Allen Lentsch, we provide dealers with programs to support used car leasing, daily rentals, and all your dealership’s insurance needs. Northland is also known for ancillary products such as bonds, dealer supplies and GPS devices.

The real surprise you’ll find in doing business with us is that we are approachable, knowledgeable, and share our experiences in ways that you can understand, learn from, and follow.

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Our Story

Our founder Allen Lentsch saw an issue back in 1990. He noticed BHPH industries were experiencing a steady increase in vehicle repossessions due to the financial strains of their customers. On average, 24% of all vehicles sold in a year were repossessed by dealerships. As a result, dealers would lose out on sales and customers would suffer a worsened credit score, leaving them unable to purchase a vehicle later.

Believing there must be a better way to do business than this, Allen Lentsch devised a system based on a very simple idea: If people could bring vehicles back and not be penalized with more fees or repossessions, there would be no additional harm done to their credit. As a result, Lease’T’Own® was born.

This business model gives sub-prime customers the ability to pay for periodic use of a car with the option to purchase or return it at any time, for any reason, without penalty. Almost immediately we could see the benefits of this model, with dealerships “wowing” customers with their flexibility and customers bringing more business to the dealership by word-of-mouth. A win for everyone involved!

Today, Northland Auto Solutions is a preferred provider for dealerships. With our Lease’T’Own® business model, these programs prove to be more profitable than Retail and Wholesale Models and less risky than BHPH.

With over 30 years of proven history and service in 50 states, Northland Auto Solutions makes dealer solutions simple. Contact us to become your town’s preferred dealership today!

How Northland Auto Solutions Powers your Business, both today and tomorrow.

Northland Auto Solutions Mission

Northland provides financial protection and growth opportunities for our customers through innovative solutions, excellence in our products, and customer services that exceed expectations.

Through an expanded offering of additional coverage services and areas of expertise. From coast to coast we will impact businesses with fulfillment of our mission.

Northland stands strong by adhering to our three-decade long foundational values of being customer-focused and motivated by genuine care for our employees, dealers, and customer community.

Our Values are best expressed through our actions:

  • Quick—to communicate, respond and solve problems.
  • Innovative—in our Products. Our technology. Our thinking.
  • Nimble—We challenge. We adapt. We are flexible.
  • Sensible—We listen and weigh all sides. We are prudent.
  • Reliable—We are dependable, steady, and calm.
  • Technology Astute—We are efficient, effective, and easy to do business with.
  • Respected—by our Agents, our Policyholders, our Team, and our Industry.
  • We serve.

Talk to us. Learn from us. Join us.

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