Excess Contingent Liability Insurance

Consider this: If your lessee was involved in a tragic accident with your car, are you covered? If so, will the loss get counted against you?

Worry no more! When you sign up with Northland, you are part of a National Insurance policy, which means reasonable losses aren’t counted against you. In addition, you are covered over and beyond the customer‘s liability insurance by $1,000,000 in excess contingent liability coverage. Depending on the coverage level you choose, Northland provides up to $35,000 in physical damage and tracks your customers’ insurance status.

Northland offers two levels of coverage options to choose from:


Excess Contingent Liability plus Physical Damage with Tracking

  • $1,000,000 excess contingent liability insurance per leased vehicle, per occurrence
  • Contingent Collision damage policy with a $1,000 deductible
  • Primary Insurance Status Tracking
  • Periodic reporting on primary insurance status
  • Access to professional Customer Service Representatives who are motivated to assist you in resolving insurance-related issues
  • Claims processing assistance
  • Premiums vary based on fleet volume
  • Notification as primary insurance status changes


Excess Contingent Liability

  • Receive $1,000,000 excess contingent liability insurance per leased vehicle, per occurrence
  • Self-managed on-line fleet management
  • Easy to add and delete vehicles from your fleet – 24/7

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