“Northland Auto Solutions, the solid relationship we’ve had over the last ten years. Overall the partnership that they have with you they value most. They don’t just leave you out there to dangle. They service and support you.”

– KL Owner Auto Divide

“LTO advice? Learn to babysit. The more hands on you can be with the customer, the better your bottom line becomes. We work our overdue lists on a daily basis and provide “reminder” calls at the 5th and 10th days to all customers regardless of situation. Of course, this requires a bit more labor but we have managed to keep our repossession rates below 1% for the past six years.

Be the place that disappointed customers seek out when they are tired of the “car dealers.”

Differentiate yourself from the competition:

  • Find out what they do well and do it better.
  • Find out what they do poorly and make it a selling point.
  • Find out what they don’t do at all and make it you own.”

– SC owner U-Save Car and Truck 

“I initially started our LTO program as a way to supplement our income. My intention was to create between $800-$1,000 of additional income monthly. Within six months we were doing well over $5,000 per month in payments. We’ve since, more than quadrupled those numbers.”  

SC US Car and Truck

“When I called my buddy up, he told me about Northland, where there are no contracts. At the time there were limited alternatives, but I frankly don’t have the time to research them. Unless they gave me the service for free, I know they won’t beat Northland. Northland blew away the competition.”

CC Owner A&C Automotive

“Extremely satisfied with all the offerings at Northland Auto Solutions, extremely. I’m a small size dealer I’ve got maybe 18 units out there on the plan, I usually have an inventory of about 20. I’m just a small guy. I’m very pleased with what they offer.”

CC Owner A&C Automotive

“Northland Auto, I think overall they are fun to do business with. You can make a call, laugh and joke with someone. It’s very human interaction it’s not just you being a number. You can partner up with them very well.”

KL owner Auto Divide

“I’d say everyone I’ve come in contact with from Northland Auto Solutions are very friendly and helpful. And they’re really good guys. For complicated questions I don’t expect an immediate answer, like if you have a legal question, someone will get back to you within 24 hours. They are extremely knowledgeable about state laws. And more than able to give solid business advice.”

CC Owner A&C Automotive

“I’ve been a customer of Northland for 12 years. I’d heard good things about them. A buddy of mine on the west bank had been doing business with them in the rental and lease to own business and there aren’t many companies who are so deep and specialized in those lines. They completely blew away all the other companies doing this. They don’t have contracts, but I’ve been with them ever since. “

CC Owner A&C Automotive

“I wanted an alternative to BHPH, and the problems I saw with that model. For instance, they are willing to finance your inventory so that you can get into leasing. That’s a huge aspect. The fact that Northland has been in the business so long and has all of the binding contracts and details worked out well that helped me avoid a lot of the mistakes. It’s a well thought out system that works for everyone. But, they continue to innovate and improve their program. And, they are very, very helpful.”

DVD owner DS Auto Imports

 “I started when I took over a company with about 50 cars on the lot and a finance business. Northland had the inventory covered and that’s how I became a Northland dealer. I’m happy with their program because it’s an easy way to get into this business. It’s a good way to guide someone who doesn’t have much experience. You can lean on them for support. The people make the company. They are professional.

My business took over another company and we went from 50 deals to over 200 in about a week’s time. They hung with us, and helped me along the way with great support.

They are strong with education. I came into this business with no education at all, no knowledge in the business at all. When I was in real estate, I could ask other companies I talk to a competitor and talk with them, but in the car business you’d have to go fifty miles or more to get anyone to talk with you.

They’ll help structure the deals, advise you on your portfolio and things like that.”

AC owner Drive Now Cars and Trucks

“I was going to make a decision about doing business with them and then something came up, and they called a short while later and asked if I was going to join as a customer, and I said ‘Yes’ do I have sign stuff? They said, no you gave us your word and that’s good enough for us. They are easy to do business with and give you flexibility.”

KL owner Auto Divide

“They are definitely good people. It’s a good program. We’re a rather small company yet they stand to help us. It’s new to me, this lease to own stuff but they are a strong partner.”

VD owner Rent a Car LLC

“One customer had a unique need yet needed to get back to work before they could get back financially yet needed a truck to do that. So that’s what got us started. Now it’s80% of our business. We have a good relationship with Northland. We’ve had zero issues.”

BH owner North Texas Auto Investors

“They are a small enough company so that you get to know the people on the other end of the phone. Sometime with these bigger companies, you call and you’re just another number. That’s what we like, a personal business, like us. Customer for almost ten years now. If I could do it all with them that would be ideal.”

BH owner North Texas Auto Investors

“We’ve dealt with many other companies like them, but I don’t recall who those were because we’ve been with them so long now, daily and weekly but a lot of daily (IDAR) business now. Not many insurance-based companies are as strong in this business as they are, we’re happy to have them.”

GL owner of Lulloff’s Rentals

“I’ve been in business for 42 years and have been with them almost since they started. It’s great to be with a company as a partner who really know what they are doing and knows the auto leasing business inside and out. They are very, very, good. It’s un-heard of to have people in this business that are willing to share their knowledge because most are competitors. Northland is not, and they are more than happy to share what they know. With them, you’re the winner. Honest and trustworthy team.”  

JW owner of Denaro Motors