A Little Twist Can Make All The Difference!

You’ve been doing BHPH for years.  You understand the customer, you’ve learned how to identify risky applicants, you get how to structure a deal, and unfortunately, you have learned how to accept the 34.97% loss rate as just part of doing business.  What if you could twist the BHPH business model just a little bit and protect yourself from 34.97% loss? 

 Almost 30 years ago, in direct response to the feedback and concerns of BHPH dealers, Mr. Al Lentsch developed the original used car leasing progrma called Lease’T’Own®.  Although very similar to the BHPH model, Lease’T’Own® has a little twist that provides a win/win for the customer an the dealer.  

What’s the Twist?  With Lease’T’Own®, the vehicle remains titled to the dealership throughout the term of the lease.  As titled owner of the vehicle, and with the unique Lease’T’Own® lease contract:

  • You are able to service customers of all credit backgrounds
  • You have leverage over delinquent payers
  • You have protection from your customer’s bankruptcies
  • You eliminate the expense and time consuming process of repossessions
  • You reduce tax burdens
  • You can claim depreciation on the Lease’T’Own® vehicles
  • YOU are the only dealer the customer can go to if they want to trade.  

We’re not asking you to make a big change in how you do business, we’re just suggesting a small twist that will make a BIG difference in your protections and your profit.  

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Learn more about the benefits of Lease’T’Own® by visiting our website: www.northlandautosolutions.com and www.RtoLto.com or by calling us at 800-879-3433.