The One-Two-Punch!

Northland has the “One-Two” punch for closing your customers!

Your dealership is well equipped to service the average customer.  You have a great sales team, you have inventory, you have financing options available, and you may even have a variety of other services to help you close the deal. But what happens when the person on  your lot isn’t the “Average” customer?   Are you finding times when you can’t close the deal? 

Used Car Leasing and Daily Rentals are a forceful combination to offer at your dealership to help close customer’s who aren’t “Average”.  They give you the One-Two Punch to be able to close every deal!

1.      USED CAR LEASING is perfect for:

  • Customers with bruised or even ruined credit due to a lay off, divorce, or medical situation
  • Young drivers with no credit history
  • Financial Situations
  • Military personnel that could be transferred or deployed at any time
  • Customers who have a longer term, but temporary need for a car – extended work assignments, college student, or even a snowbird that would rather not drive their own car across country.  

2.     DAILY RENTALS are perfect for:

  • Visitors to the area
  • Customers whose car is in for repair
  • Customers who need a car for under 30 days

With almost 30 years of experience, Northland can provide you with both of these tools to overcome the tough blows customers may throw at you to prevent closing the deal.  

Call us today at 800-879-3433 for more information!  Enrollment discounts are available when you sign up for both programs.