Who are your Customers?

What picture represents your idea of a sub-prime or bruised credit customer?

ALL of these people to the side could realistically be considered “sub-prime”.  These people represent the estimated 70% of the public that can’t get normal financing today.

They are good people who are victims of the economy.  They got caught in a divorce, a medical problem, or a temporary unemployment situation that has ruined their credit score.

They are stable people who have jobs, have lived in your area for a long time and their credit score will get better with time.

They need help today and you feel bad sending them away. They will remember who helped them when they needed it and YOU want to be that person!

Consider John Anderson.  He has worked for the same company for 12 years.  He worked his way up to Vice President, but has recently gone through a divorce.  His ex-wife got the house and the good car in the divorce and all he got was a bruised ego and the second car.  He needs a nice car.  He still has a job which pays well.  His life will go on and his credit will recover. He will not come back to you after his credit recovers if you don’t help him today!

Consider Amy Smith.  She is a single mom who worked her way through school to become a nurse.  She has a full-time job with duration of about three years.  Her car lies dead in your repair shop, but some mistakes in her past are still haunting her credit.  How are you going to help her today and keep her for a long-term customer when her credit recovers?

Every dealership has the potential to keep these customers with the Lease’T’Own® program!