Measure what you Manage!

Have you ever thought about the importance of statistics and how they’ve helped shed light on the auto industry?  It’s amazing how much we learned about the industry once the data started to be recorded and shared.  It’s true that you can’t manage what you can’t measure!

This is our favorite graphic that represents the statistics we’ve gathered on Lease’T’Own®.

You don’t even need to check the Used Car Industry Report, to know that up’s and down’s of the retail car market still exist. 

Each month, the unknown sales volume stalks your sub-conscience like the grim reaper.  How many units will we sell this month?  Will my staff sell enough this month to cover my overhead?  Will I be able to make payroll?  Finally, on that last day of the month, you can breathe a sigh of relief or, as it’s been lately for some dealers, come to that painful realization that sales were down again.  Why go through all that stress each month?  Wouldn’t you rather take charge of your future knowing you have a steady stream of monthly income?

With Lease’T’Own®, you know what your receivables are each month.  There’s no guessing, no hoping, and no unnecessary stress. 

We have an interesting financial analysis showing the accumulated income for a dealership that adds 10 cars per month onto their LTO® fleet.  The income is steady and it’s increasing each month.  Even if you stopped adding cars at month 36, you’d continue to collect income for the next three years totaling a gross profit of approx 3 million dollars!  Sound too good to be true?

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