Some opportunities out there for used cars may require uncomfortable paradigm shifts for both Franchise Dealers and Independent Dealers.  Customers are now searching the internet for research on dealerships and inventory before actually stepping foot on your lot which makes your on-line strategy more critical than ever before.  Your website has become more important than your print, TV, or radio ads and your staffing needs have changed to hiring more technical, internet savvy employees rather than increasing your sales floor personnel.

Another area requiring a paradigm shift is in financing options for your customers.  More and more customers have become victims of the economy and have bruised or downright bad credit.  Although you are able to help some of these customers with your existing finance programs, often times, these customers don’t want to be thrown into high interest rate loans with high payments that could easily push them further into the money mis-management cycle.  Without another finance option at your dealership, these bad credit customers will keep searching until they find a dealership that does offer something different.  This is where Lease’T’Own® comes in!

Lease’T’Own® opportunities

Lease’T’Own® is the smart alternative to traditional financing for customers with bruised or bad credit.  It’s also a great alternative for those customers who have a temporary but longer term need for a vehicle like a college student or military personnel.  These are all types of customers who are on your lot today!  Don’t let them walk away because you haven’t looked outside your traditional way of selling cars!