The Elephant in the Room

Allowing customers to bring Lease’T’Own® cars back to the dealership is the hardest concept for dealers to understand.  After all, you’re in the business of getting rid of cars right?  

Here are a few reasons why letting a customer return the car at any time, for any reason, without penalty is a good thing.  

REPUTATION – Letting your customer return the car at any time, for any reason is a service most other dealers can’t offer.  Become the HERO in your community by providing this service!

FLEXIBILITY – Your customer loves it because they aren’t tied down to a high interest rate loan.

CREDIT PROTECTION – Your customer won’t have a repossession on their credit history if they run into financial trouble.

MONEY SAVINGS – No more costly and time consuming repossessions for you to deal with! 

CUSTOMER RETENTION – The customer can’t go any where else to trade in the car – YOU own it! 

ADDED PROFIT – Learn how to “roll” your cars for significant profit results.  $20,000 profit is possible!  We can show you how!