Roll the Dice

No matter how you roll the dice, you AND your customers win! 


  • You can service customers of all credit backgrounds
  • You have leverage over delinquent payers
  • You have protection from your customer’s bankruptcies
  • You eliminate the expense and time consuming process of repossessions
  • You reduce your business tax burdens
  • You can claim depreciation on Lease’T’Own® vehicles
  • YOU are the only dealer the customer can go to if they want to trade vehicles
  • You have the protection of excess contingent liability insurance coverage 


  • Customers won’t be turned down – approval isn’t based on on their credit score
  • The customer needs minimal up-front money
  • The customer pays for the periodic use of the car at an affordable rate
  • The “affordable rate” is based on your customer’s realistic budget
  • The car is typically covered with a warranty to off-set costly repairs
  • The customer can purchase the car when they feel comfortable with their financial situation
  • The customer can return the car at any time, for any reason, without penalty
  • The customer obtains primary insurance coverage on your vehicle