Choose Both: BHPH PLUS Lease-to-Own

You don’t have to choose between Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) and Lease-to-Own. Choose both. Add Lease-to-Own to your existing operation and see for yourself how you can make more money. Add Daily rentals and you hit the trifecta!

Lease-to-Own is a lot like BHPH
Lease-to-Own is a close cousin to BHPH
Lease-to-Own target market is the Sub-Prime customer base.
Lease-to-Own customers make weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payments to the dealership.
Collections are an important piece of Lease-to-Own

How Lease-To-Own is different
Protection from customer bankruptcies
Elimination of costly & time-consuming repossessions
Tax benefits
Flexibility for your customers
Lease-to-Own also offers specific protection and profit advantages that you don’t get with BHPH.
As titled owner, you have leverage over late payments

Daily Car Rentals

  • Daily Rentals are a natural fit within any car dealership!
  • Renters often become buyers
  • Rentals are a profitable way to move idle inventory
  • Rentals are an added profit stream within your dealership
  • There’s little to no added overhead cost
  • With Northland’s rental program, there are NO FRANCHISE FEES!

Consider these additions to your business model so you have options for your customers! Call us. We’re happy to discuss the options with you and advise you on the right path for your business. Visit out new Website for complete information and to sign up for our tried and proven system, or call us at 800.879.3433