Cake & Frosting

While starting to write this article today, I was trying to pick out two things that naturally go together.

  • Burger & Fries
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly
  • Bread & Butter
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Bees & Honey

Thinking about this started to make my stomach growl with hunger!   I decided that none of these really had the impact or the correlation that I was looking for .  I opted to use the image of Cake & Frosting.

We all crave the sweet taste of success.  We strive for a firm foundation of business.  But to be honest, it’s when our firm foundation of business is topped with that added “little something” that our profit taste buds are truly delighted!

Daily and short-term rentals are the perfect addition to a Lease’T’Own® business.  Likewise, the Lease’T’Own® business models are a natural fit for an existing Daily Rental operation.  You could say they go together like Cake & Frosting!  Depending on your niche in the community, one piece of business can be that firm foundation of the cake and the other, the sweet, creamy frosting.

Check out this Dealer Spotlight we published a few months ago about U-Save Car & Truck Rental and The Express Lease.  Here’s a great example of a dealer that operates both business models and reports that each aspect of his business compliments the other.

The Daily Rental business we’d like to recommend is called IDAR – Independent Dealers Auto Rental.

This program is unique in the fact that it’s not a Franchise and it specializes in small fleets.  You can start your rental fleet with just one vehicle and grow at your own pace.  You set your own pricing and fee structure.  Rental Software is included.  Vehicles can be moved from rentals to LTO® or from LTO® to rentals quickly and easily as needed.  Best of all – startup is easy!  You could be operational in one week!

Here are a few more benefits of Renting:

  • Provides another Revenue Stream
  • Rentals turn into Purchases
  • Increase Customer Traffic – Brings you customers you may never see!
  • Turn Idle Inventory into Revenue Dollars!
  • Claim Vehicle Depreciation on Rentals! SAVE $$$ at Tax Time
  • People are already asking you if you have rentals available
  • Renting 4 vehicles could generate $33,000 extra annual income

Check out this program in more detail at or call 800-879-3433.

There is a $200 enrollment discount to existing Lease’T’Own® dealers who sign up with IDAR and likewise, a $200 enrollment discount to existing IDAR dealers who sign up with Lease’T’Own®!

Get started in both businesses and finally have your cake and eat it too!