Program Enhancements

Are you looking for ways to add profit, add security, and to ease administrative tasks of your Ren’T’Own / Lease’T’Own business?  

Consider these recommended program enhancements! 

GPS Tracking Devices

Used car dealers across the United States are using GPS tracking technology for cars they lease, finance, or rent.  It’s become a necessary part of doing business due to the increase in high-risk customers.  When a GPS is installed, you have choices that protect your vehicle, your business, and your bottom line.  When a GPS is NOT installed, you are at the mercy of the customer and will most likely lose the car and money.


Lease and Purchase agreements typically require that the customer provides evidence of full coverage insurance (liability AND comp/collision coverage).  In many cases, your customers will have a policy for only Liability coverage due to state laws but they’re missing the comp/collision insurance. These are the perfect candidates for you to offer the Coverage Plus program! ​

Your customer can satisfy the comp & collision insurance requirement of the contract simply by you adding the vehicle to your existing Physical Damage Policy – a.k.a. Coverage Plus.  Your vehicle is covered, the missing piece of the insurance requirement is satisfied, and your customer didn’t have to leave the dealership to get it done!

Your customer reimburses you for the cost of the coverage at the same time they make their vehicle payment.


Ease your administrative tasks and increase efficiency with a dealer management software system.  These systems contain the forms and contracts for Ren’T’Own and Lease’T’Own.

AutoManager, Inc.  –    1-800-300-2808
ComSoft Software –  1-800-849-3838
Dealer Plate Software –  1-763-202-7553

Northland’s Daily Rental Program – IDAR

You have the vehicles, Northland has the Program!  If you are upside down on a vehicle, rent it for several months and get “Right Side Up”!  Many rental customers need a vehicle and you have the opportunity to sell them one.  Remember….Rentals draw customer traffic to your business.  The IDAR program works well in tandem with Ren’T’Own and Lease’T’Own!  A $200 enrollment discount is available to all Ren’T’Own and Lease’T’Own dealers.

TAX MAX REFUND SERVICE – 1-800-642-4107

At Tax Refund Services Tax Max, our sole purpose is to provide our dealerships, agents, their customers and our clients with the outstanding quality customer service they deserve. Since 1995, Tax Refund Services Tax Max has specialized in car dealer, payday lending, tax preparation and electronic filing. We have structured our Tax Max program to give the dealer maximum results with minimal time and effort.